C4 & C5 Demo & Taxiway E Realignment

This project will improve the pavement geometry and layout of the airport, improving the safety and operations of the airfield. These locations have been identified as “hot-spots.” This project will cover design expenses and allow for the construction project in the future to take place. (“hot-spots” as defined by the FAA are locations on an airport movement area with a history or potential risk of collision or runway incursion, and where heightened attention by pilots and drivers is necessary)

Aerowest Taxiway Design

This project will start the design and engineering for the new taxiway(s) into the developable area known as Aerowest. This new taxiway will allow for the area to be subject to development for additional hangars for aviation businesses.

Airfield Generator & Terminal Generator

This project covers the design and engineering for the replacement of the existing airfield generator and the installation of a new terminal generator for the Airport Administration and Terminal Building. These improvements will allow the building and airfield to be better prepared for power outages and other power outage events.

Southside Road Extension

This project covers the design phase of the Southside Road Extension that will connect Tailwind Drive with Curtis King Blvd.

Security Perimeter Fencing

This project will complete the security improvement project at the Airport. This will include installation of 3-strand barbwire on the existing fence, placement of required signs and addressing gate operators that have issues.

The project will also remove old gates and reduce the access points to the airfield, allowing for security to be increased and improved in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Taxiway Bravo & Charlie Realignment

This project is the design phase of the realignment of taxiways Bravo and Charlie. Due to the existing conditions of pavement and their geometry and the FAA’s Advisory Circulars, these taxiways are non-compliant and considered locations where pilot error or similar could result in accident(s).

Parking Lot Expansion Project

Design work has begun for the future expansion of the airport’s commercial parking facilities. The expansion will included a paved parking area, drainage improvements, numbered parking spaces and expanding the parking capacity of the airport by approximately 125-150 spaces.

Terminal Renovation Project

Design work has begun for the future renovations and improvements to the airport’s main and only terminal. These renovations and improvements are intended to prepare the airport for its future commercial readiness.


Access Control Improvements

This project replaced the dated and unsupported access control system that supports the security of the airport. This included new card readers, software and hardware systems that span the entire airport.  

Drainage Improvements

This project improved the drainage near the FBO apron and the U.S. Customs & Border Protection apron. The project included regrading of the drainage ditch landside and placement of a flume allowing for the water to be removed from the area to avoid ponding on the pavement airside. This project also addressed a collapsed stormwater structure nearby.  

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Hangar

This project was the construction of a 28,500 sq/ft MRO spec hangar. The building includes a large hangar door, foam fire suppression, attached office space, and other MRO-based features.

Noise & Operations Monitoring System (NOMS)

This project implemented a NOMS (noise and operations monitoring system) allowing for operations to be reviewed and correlated to noise concerns received by the airport. The system also includes a portable noise monitoring device, allowing for deployment in the surrounding area to better understand the potential noise experienced off the airport.  

Pavement Marking

This project addressed fading, aged and worn pavement markings on the airfield.  

Runway 14/32 Rehabilitation

This project addressed the worn pavement of Runway 14/32. The project entailed the milling of the pavement to allow for new pavement to be placed, allowing for the surface to be smooth. New pavement markings were applied and other improvements such as lighting and geometry were completed.  

Segmented Circle Improvements

This project included the removal of the existing segmented circle and the replacement of the navigational aid with a new and improved segmented circle and windsock, allowing for pilot use. 

Airport Lighting & Signage Update

This project addressed the fading, damaged and inoperable signs by updating all the airfield signage with new LED signs, new sign pads and other electrical upgrades to existing systems.


Airfield Maintenance & Operations Center

This future project will include the design, engineering, and construction of an airfield operations and maintenance center to replace the existing maintenance shop located on the west side of the airfield. This new location will allow both operations and maintenance staff to complete their respective tasks, allow for equipment storage and similar.

Airport West Commerce Park Taxiway

This future project will extend Taxiway Alpha to the west, allowing for the undeveloped parcels in the area to have direct airfield access. This project will include the design, permitting and engineering phases as well as the construction phases of the subject project.

Runway 10R Safety Area

This future project will include the design, engineering, and construction of various improvements to the safety area of 10R.

Runway Extension Project

This future project will include the design, engineering, and construction of an approximately 1,000’ westerly extension of the 10R/28, the main runway at the airport.

Taxiway Echo Rehabilitation

This future project will include the design, engineering, and rehabilitation of Taxiway Echo on the airfield as the pavement will be timed out and due for maintenance. 

West General Aviation Ramp Rehabilitation

This future project will include the design, engineering and rehabilitation of the general aviation ramps located on the west side of the airfield. The project will address the worn, cracking, and aged pavement with new fuel resistant FAA spec asphalt.


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